They don’t care who they trample, they are the worst example,
They just want to reach the top, they don’t care about the flock.
They creep into your area with their devilish behaviour.
Poisoning the minds of Jah children, destructive force, Jah will defuse them.
Me say whoa, them blasphemers, their plan is to destroy you.
You watch them, them blasphemers, falling angels, them hypnotize you
(Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig)

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Whosoever diggeth a pit, shall fall in it (2022)

Oil on paper, 42×30 cm

Why boasteth thyself, oh evil man, playing smart and not being clever? I said you’re working iniquity to achieve vanity.
(Bob Marley)

This painting was utilized as the cover of the 2023 novel ‘The Absurdist of Kathmandu’ by the Nepali novelist Saurav Thapa : ENRICO MURATORE APROSIO – THE RADIOACTIVE BEASTS IN NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE

PRICE: EUR 2.600/ USD 2.920 (framed, covered with glass)



In the depth of madness (2022)

Oil on paper, 42×30 cm

PRICE: EUR 2.600/ USD 2.920 (framed, covered with glass)

Мёртвые души – Dead Souls (2022)

Oil on canvas, 60×50 cm

Give the Russian man the Russian world, let him discover gold, the treasure that the earth hides from his eyes. Show him in the future the renewal and resurrection of all humanity by the sole Russian thought, the Russian God and Christ, and you will see what a mighty and just titan, wise and meek, will grow before the amazed world, amazed and frightened, because they expect from us only the sword, the sword and violence, because they cannot imagine us if not by their standard of barbarism, and this up to our days.” Fyodor Dostoevsky (The Idiot)

“Everything resembles the truth, everything can happen to a man.”
Nikolai Gogol (Dead Souls)

PRICE: EUR 2.600/ USD 2.920 (framed)